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-- gutenberg will be there. craig: i love him. he -- why has he never been on the show? because we never asked him. steve, if you're out there and you don't have cable and you're watching this show -- come on over. in fact, come to geoff's house tonight. we're having a party. you can wear your suit. geoff: steve, please, we implore you. come to us, steve. craig: wait a minute. how can robot goes swimming? how can they go swimming because they don't have clothes on. geoff: don't screw it up, man. just go along with it. craig: i can't believe we're still talking. [laughter] geoff: please, steve gutenberg. please if, you know the whereabouts of steve gutenberg. craig: good night, everybody. good night. [applause]
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. slut, sex videos and prostitutes. the law student target -- prostitutes, the law student targeted by rush limbaugh. plus bribes to injury opponents. also topper is tracking who is at risk for flood watch and your weekend forecast.
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this is 9news now. one deadly night after another, and no relief in site as tornadoes, one again, ripping through the nation's mid-section. >> and the death toll continues to rise as they see the horror heaped through the towns. they are trying to make sense of tragedy and trying to bounce back. >> reporter: yes, these images that we're talking about absolutely horrifying. they show you just how strong and how devastating these tornadoes can be. just so you know, we checked just a little bit ago. the death toll has now reached more than 20 people throughout indiana, kentucky and ohio. many of these states tonight declaring a state of emergency. images seemingly made for movies but their horror is real. violent and massive tornadoes tearing through the heartland. when the twisters were gone, the devastation and almost every town looked the same.
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entire neighborhoods left in ruins. warning sirens sounded all throughout the day. tornado after tornado came roaring through a corridor made up of parts of alabama, indiana, connecticut and ohio. and -- kentucky and ohio. not everyone could get through safety. >> she was in the bathroom the whole time. i tried to calm her down but she's pretty upset. >> reporter: the local high school was the only safe place to go. >> we had quite a bit of property and structural damage. but 1300 children and somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 employees unharmed. >> reporter: it wasn't the same in indiana. at least 10 are dead in that state with the number expected to rise. once the storm cleared, the residents could be seen looking for survivors. they told the associated press the small town of marysville is gone. >> i seen it from a distance. there was two of them. by the time we got to the
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basement of the church, all hell broke news. >> reporter: the number of tornadoes went through the area is unknown. dozens of them clearly an area that is going to need a lot of help cleaning up. >> ken molestina, thank you. also a very active weather scene out there for us, right, top? >> yes. just looking back at the video we saw, these tornadoes destroyed brick buildings, old brick churches. these were incredible. >> like you said, warnings were out there in plenty of time. >> warnings were out there. outlooks were out there. we knew there was a moderate risk today and that's about as high as we get. tornadoes are small and people take their chances and that's what happened. let's look at where the storms are. we do have some good news tonight, anita. the tornado watches are down a little bit now. they're not as many. not as prolific as they were. there are still some big thunderstorms rolling through. most of the watches are now down into tennessee, western north carolina and also into georgia. so it's better at least in kentucky and ohio. but this is a pretty intense line of showers and thunderstorms.
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you can see the lightning. we have the lightning here too as well. and this is what is going to roll through here in the next couple of hours. fortunately not severe. look at all of the reports of damage, whether it's hail, wind or tornadoes. now, this is sort of interesting. let's go ahead and widen out and we're going to leave on tornado. so every dot here represents a tornado. now, of course the national weather service has to investigate. sometimes i might see a tornado. this might -- this guy might see a tornado. we might be seeing the same tornado. at first it's reported as two tornadoes and we investigate and it ends up as one. but this is still dozens and dozens of tornadoes. very unusual for this time of year. more reminiscent of april or actually may. we'll zoom into our area. we have a line of showers and a few thunderstorms coming through. look at all of the lightning as well. some big time lightning out. 66 around manassas. we are looking at the live doppler radar. we see a lot of heavy active any chantilly. heavy activity on the other side on the east side of 95 over
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towards annapolis. and some pretty good rains too up in the panhandle of west virginia. we're looking at a flood watch until tomorrow morning and flood warning. but warnings are going on out in the mountains. we'll come back and talk about when these storms move out and if we replace the storms with snowflakes. >> thank you, top. well, if your teenager gets a speeding ticket, you take away the keys. new at 11:00, that is essentially what the prince george's county council is doing. a police officer clocked the council woman speeding more than 100 miles an hour out on the beltway. she was giving a warning and cited for changing lanes. that has led into an investigation whether toles got special treatment and now she cannot have any access to a county vehicle until this whole thing is resolved. a couple of local presidents came to the defense today of the georgetown university law student rush limbaugh called a slut and a prostitute. the president of georgetown and none other than the president of the united states. and the man who wants to be
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president as well called limbaugh absurd. there were a number of developments in this story today, and gary nurenberg is here to narrate that. gary. >> well, anita, as you know, this all started when sandra fluke testified over whether religious institutions should be required to provide coverage for contraception in their health care plan. she said yes. >> these denials of con fra accept of contra tep sif practices affect -- contraceptive practices affect many. >> the president issued a statement accusing limbaugh of -- >> he was calling out of concern and to check in and make sure i was okay given the unfortunate names that i've been called. >> and those who would be president on limbaugh? >> that's not the language i would have used. >> he's being absurd. but that's an entertainer can be absurd. >> democrats used the issue to raise money and went to the
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house floor to attack limbaugh. >> shame on you. >> and call on the speaker of the house to repudiate his remarks, which he did, also criticizing democrats for using the issue to raise money. and some conservatives criticized fluke. >> the student is like a teenager, that spoiled teenager that wants exactly what she wants and you have to pay for it. she went to georgetown knowing fully well that their health care plan does not provide contraception. so then she gets there and she whienz and complains she's not wanting the contraception. >> she doesn't want taxpayers or religious institutions to pay for student's contraceptions. >> this doesn't involve taxpayers. it's all about private insurance at private institutions and not even those institutions if they have a religious concern will have to contribute financially. so there is no taxpayer money for contraception involved. >> limbaugh used the word slut, prostitute, round heeled and
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promiscuous. >> would you sue him? >> i would certainly been advised it's a possibility and i'm not taking any action on that now. >> he told cbs tonight no regrets. >> so why would he say something so insulting, so outrageous that it not only helped his political enemies, it's costing him advertisers. derek thinks he knows and it's not pretty. >> in a word, it is desperation. think about it, when we talk power players in 2012, we hear about the coke brothers, even the fox newschannel. but the name rush limbaugh has become an afterthought. now, limbaugh never minded people being furious with him. he cultivates that. but being ignored, that is much harder to take. sure he's still on hundreds of stations every day. he rakes in millions of dollars. but in the hottest primary season ever, is anybody asking for limbaugh's endorsement or
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going on his show to break news? nope. back in '09 when michael steel called him incendiary, he felt compelled to call him. now they called the slut comments absurd and he had no hint of fear. let's be real. limbaugh's latest is a hail mary, a desperation grab for attention as relevant and respect are slipping away. anita. >> thank you, derek. also new tonight, it's been a quiet off season at redskins park, but that ended today as details of an nfl report surfaced involving illegal activity by a former redskins assistant coach. dave owens joindz us now. what is -- joins us now. what is going on with this story? >> it's been just about everywhere. gregg williams last worked for the redskins during the '07 season. but man, oh, man, is his legacy casting a shadow over the franchise. they lost an investigation into williams and the saints two
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seasons ago. their findings today that williams had overseen a bounty system used to reward players for inflicting injury on opponents. now there is a link to the redskins. multiple players, most of them who wanted to remain anonymous, have admitted to a similar program existing for the burgundy and gold. one of those anonymous players told the washington post mike jones and jason reed that williams dolled out thousands of dollars for rugged play and "kill shots". i don't have to tell you such bounty programs are illegal, especially in this new era. coming up in sports, we'll hear from a former redskins player who did not remain anonymous as well as coach joe gibbs. >> so what you're saying with the attention to concussions and all of that. >> it's illegal. >> different world. >> all right. thanks a lot. caught on tape, a pickup driver swevdz on to the sidewalk -- swerves on to the sidewalk, hits a man and drives away.
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a bus camera caught the whole thing. police are now looking for a ford f250 pickup with a super cab and extended bed. they think the model year is 2005 to 2007. nearly 100 teachers rallied in the rain today. prince william county teachers seeking support from the public. they tell us they haven't had a raise in three years and under a budget proposal submitted by the superintendent, it could be four more years before these teachers get a pay hike. >> we want to be treated like professionals. we work for it and we've earned it and we deserve it. >> there is simply not enough money to raise anybody's salary. however, the prince county schools issued a statement saying he sympathized with the teacher's concerns and reminding the budget process is not over yet. still ahead tonight ♪ music playing >> motown legend smokey robinson is in town, and local students deliver the serenade of
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a lifetime. plus the revitalizing power of honey. how to stay healthy and feel
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utter humiliation. that's how our hawaii yin mom describes her deal at an airport after she was forced to prove that her breast pump was for real. that woman says a tsa agent flagged her for additional screening at the airport wednesday because of her electric breast feeding pump. the agents told her she could not take the pump on the plane because the bottles in her carry on were empty. >> i asked him if there was a private place i could pump, and he said, no, you can go in the women's bathroom. i had to stand in front of the mirrors in the sink and pump my breasts in front of every tourist that walked in that bathroom. i was embarrassed and humiliated and then angry that i'm treated this way. >> when the bottles were full, she was allowed back on the plane. today they are apologizing saying it was all a big mistake. the agency recently changed the screening procedures to allow women to carry breast milk on to planes without having to test it
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first. honey has been described as nature's original antibiotic used since ancient times to heal stubborn wounds. but would you believe it's a beauty booster. we whip up treatments to help you stay healthy and feel young. this doctor is a local dermatologist who lectures internationally about scientific advances in cosmetic treatments. >> there is a lot of science in nature. >> but she's also a big proponent of natural skin care. honey is one of her go to ingredients. >> it's very, very good for our skin because it's a natural humectant. and that means it pulls in moisture to the skin so it will give your skin acyl key, smooth, soft -- a silky, smooth, soft skin. she joined me in the kitchen to
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whip up a face mask. >> what is the papaya doing to the face mask? >> it's very rich in vitamin a. it contains papayan. >> did you get that? >> the doctor says papayan helps bring new skin cells to the surface. i'll try this out in a minute. but while the honey is still warm, you can mix it with almond oil and oatmeal for an exfoliating treatment. the concoction is a little messy, so you might want to have a towel handy. but it immediately creates a tightening feeling on the face. >> it feels good. it smells so good. but it looks crazy. okay. now, we're not done yet. what i have here is a rather large papaya, as derek pointed out. if you make the mask, she says save the leftover skin, rub the inside on your face for mild chemical peel.
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leave that on for five minutes and rinse away. you're getting a mini chemical peel. we also have a treatment for hair on our website ♪ music playing . [ cheers and applause ]. smokey robinson is in town. the motown legend paying a tribute or visit, i should say, to the duke ellington school of art in northwest washington this afternoon. robinson has scored 37 top 40 hits in his 50 years in the business. today he shares his insight with the duke ellington students who serenaded him. ♪ now i know he's the guy that puts tears in my eyes ♪ >> i always give kids stuff they're interested in that keeps them connected to school, that keeps them wanting to be there. and so we should do whatever we can to restore the art in all of
1:55 am
our schools. >> they serenaded him with a song. what else was he serenaded with. [ laughing ] >> smokey with take the stage tomorrow night at the kennedy center. he'll headline a benefit concert in the concert hall 7:30. >> great voices there. >> it wouldn't be the same. >> okay. okay. >> he's a great singer. a pretty good golfer too. he's really taking up golf. >> can we focus on the storms. >> sure. we're focusing now. >> i don't know. i'm interested in that. >> the good news nothing severe for us. the the bad news we have heavy rains. the weekend is going to be the kind of tale of two days. spring tomorrow and winter on sunday. let's start with the radar. and we have the lightning on there. you can see all of the lightning strikes with this. this is a pretty good band of showers and thunderstorms. the good news is i have no reports of hail. no reports of strong winds. heavy rain. some ponding on the streets. the usual. but all things considered, after looking back to the midwest and parts of the ohio valley and tennessee valley, we're lucky. this activity is going to roll through here pretty quickly in
1:56 am
the next hour, hour and a half. we're going to be in good shape by the time you get up tomorrow, unless you get up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. here is doppler 9000. we're going to pinpoint the activity in fairfax county right around the district and also up around the north around bethesda and the spur and points over towards silver spring. the red indicates rainfall rates as much as an inch an hour. thankfully they're not sitting on top of you. we'll zoom in a little more. heavy rain out towards weston, out towards great falls. big time rain out 97 as you go past wheaton on your way to allegheny. so all of this activity is pushing due east. and once this moves through, that's pretty much it in terms of big time thunderstorms for us tonight and heavy rain. so right now we're looking at a dark white house. it's sleepy time now. temperatures 48. and they haven't moved all day. in fact, they're going to go up a little bit after midnight. the pressure is fill falling to
1:57 am
29.80 inches of mercury. breezy and warmer tomorrow. really spring like tomorrow. in fact, it's going to be a nice day. mainly dry after 9:00 in the morning. much colder saturday night if you have plans. you're going to need a coat. and then we're looking at -- well, a flurry. it's still possible on sunday. late sunday. and sunday night. maybe even a leftover flurry on moon. so it's that -- monday. so it's that kind of crazy. you see the back edge of the precipitation by i95 and it scoots out of here quickly. notice it's all light. then we get breaks in the clouds by lunch time and we're in good shape as we go through the day. the front itself may generate a shower at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon but not a big deal. clouds hang tough tomorrow night and then they return on sunday. and, again, we could see a flurry late sunday. you'll be fine going to church. no problems at all. so overnight tonight, we're going to keep the rain in. mostly cloudy. breezy and milder with showers and a few thunderstorms.
1:58 am
lows around 50 and winds out of the south, southwest at 10-15. tomorrow morning showers and storms end early. 50s to around 60s. and then by afternoon, not bad. partly cloudy, breezy, warmer. a slight chance of a shower. high temperatures 60-65. winds still westerly at 10-15. next seven days, it's like winter on sunday. upper 40s. and i might be generous going to 48. a flurry possible. and then on monday a flurry possible. only in the low 40s. but it won't stay cold long. we're in the low 50s on tuesday. we're back to 60 on wednesday and more rain on thursday. the flood watch does continue until tomorrow morning, but i think once it goes through that's it. >> okay. thanks, topper. we thought the redskins story was who are they going to get to be the quarterback. >> no, no. >> not right now. >> a little drama today. >> yes. >> like mary jay blige would say no more drama. a former assistant coach gets caught up in impropriety.
1:59 am
caps take a step backwards in their playoff push. and the lady terps riding
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one thing that makes our day when we're on the field is watching lauren get up to bat. our daughter loves baseball. and we tried to get her on some teams, and there were some coaches that would include her but she just never felt right about it. hitting the ball and then making the other kids wait, just wasn't her idea of what baseball was. we thought she would just have to settle for being a fan; until rotary stepped in. and they built this special field. they took an idea of just letting the kids play baseball and made it fit these kids, rather than trying to make the kids fit the field. lauren forgets about what she can't do, because they've given her the opportunity to do something that we never thought possible. when these kids get to play ball, their heart is there they're so excited and they just get to feel like regular kids. on the phone i heard her telling her grandmother
2:01 am
that she was the luckiest kid in the world. and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> yes, it's been awhile since gregg williams name has been uttered around here with regularity. but for the past seven hours, his name has been everywhere. the former defensive coordinator has been linked to some activity, and wouldn't you know it it's made its way back to redskins park. they discovered williams administered a bounty program designed to compensate players for inflicting injury to opponents when he was an assistant for the saints. he's now with the rams. that's illegal. multiple redskins players have admitted to the washington post. jason reed said a similar program existed when he was defensive coordinator here from
2:02 am
2004 to 2007. this is was daniels told reed. the compensation ranged from hundreds to thousands of dollars. he never told us to go out there and break a guy's neck or leg. it was all in the context of good, hard nose football. 9 sports contacted the redskins. they had no comment on the issue. what about joe gibbs? he was the head coach during said county program? he was never aware of it and i would never ask a player to hurt another player and then he reiterated "never". we'll certainly hear more on that as this thing continues to unfold. it's starting to feel like the big push in hockey. the caps in the midst of a five-game homestand and they are hot. they've won three in a row. just one point out of the playoff team. could they get one tonight? those are the legs, guys, of michael moivert. unfortunately he had holes in his leg pads. one of his three goals he had a hat trick tonight. keep your eyes at the top of the
2:03 am
screen. oh, puck stealer. and then he delivers. devils blow out the caps. all right. we're not going to hear from dale hunter. we're going to go right to maryland. duke and maryland, this is maryland women's basketball. that is melissa thomas. she had two steals and four assists. here is one of those assists right here. maryland rolls easy 70-58. they play wake forest tomorrow at 1:30 in the semis. finally tonight, great playoff action in our game of the week. undefeated oakton hosting moin fakan. the -- monakan. that is raven williams. [ laughing ] >> that was easy. >> but oakton staying undefeated. they survive and advance over monakan 73-65.
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they're moving on in the playoffs. [ male announcer ] if you like action movies... ♪ ...romance... ♪ ...documentaries... or whatever else, then you'll love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes over the internet, on your pc or tv via game console or other devices. and best of all: it's instant. wah as many movies and tv episodes as you want for only 8 bucks a month.

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